About Bags Gag

Bags Gag is a nationwide service project designed to help save the planet.
The main goals of Bags Gag are:

  • To raise awareness of the harmful effects of plastic bags on the environment,
  • To collect pledges for not using plastic bags, and
  • To promote reusable bags that could replace plastic bags.

Bags Gag was founded by Athman Adiseshan, an environmentalist. Athman has been inspired to lead service projects relating to the environment from a very young age. His work has been recognized at the national level. He has been recognized as the Rising Living Green Hero, and has been featured as one of the Big Green Shout Out Kids in Nickelodeon.

He found plastic bags to be very harmful to the environment, wildlife, and humanity. He was also inspired that simple actions taken by people could eradicate this problem. Athman is optimistic that the environmental crisis can be overcome. He also believes in the power of youth to lead the way. With Bags Gag, Athman would like to see himself as an assistant to the numerous Bags Gag regional leaders working across the country.

Athman presenting.

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